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Rewards Snacks Bundle

With online learning, your classroom is at home. From your study desk to your learning materials. Tick off more items on your checklist with the Study Room Bundle! With the bundle’s snacks, drinks, alcohol, and wipes, we’ll help you prepare your space in no time.
Food and Pantry Price Qty
CHEETOS Crunchy 8oz ₱ 144.33 1
DORITOS Cool Ranch 7oz ₱ 144.33 1
LAY'S Regular 6.5oz ₱ 149.56 2
LOACKER Quad Napolitaner 250g ₱ 166.12 1
PLANTERS Cheese Curls 4 oz ₱ 151.00 1
QUAKER Cookie 7+1 Variety Pack 216g ₱ 79.18 2
QUAKER Oaties Choco Chip 28g ₱ 10.87 15
RUFFLES Cheddar & Sour Cream 6.5oz ₱ 149.56 2
TOSTITOS Conqueso 15oz ₱ 193.49 1
TOSTITOS White Corn RSTC 10oz ₱ 167.33 2


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