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Online Snacks Bundle

Need that mid-day boost? Well, when you can’t nap, you can always snack. Get energized with the Online Snacks Bundle! With your A+ favorites from bread, cookies, to yogurt and juice, to keep you going. Treat yourself on break and add to cart now!
Food and Pantry Price Qty
CHOCO FLAKES 90g ₱ 21.46 3
DUTCH MILL UHT Yoghurt Drink Blueberry 180ml x 4 brick ₱ 85.00 1
DUTCH MILL UHT Yoghurt Drink Superfruits with 4 Mixed Berries Juice 180ml x 4 brick ₱ 85.00 1
FIBER & FRUIT Juice Drink Apple Flavor 350ml ₱ 20.95 5
MONDE Classic Savers Pack 43g x 12 ₱ 149.00 1
MONDE Sumo Mini Cookies & Cream 20g x 10 ₱ 52.00 4
MY SAN Danish Style Butter Cookies 400g ₱ 259.42 1
NISSIN Bread Stix 20g x 10 ₱ 51.00 1
NISSIN King Wafer Cheese 22g x 10 ₱ 53.00 1
OISHI GRAB NUTS Roasted Mixed Nuts Lightly Salted 30g ₱ 19.95 3
OISHI O-GURT Yoghurt Drink Strawberry Flavor 200ml ₱ 18.97 5
PILLOWS Chocolate Crackers 150g ₱ 36.66 2


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