Family of 2

Here you are celebrating your honeymoon season or finally kicking those kids out the house after 30 years of marriage; or you could be that sweet daughter living with your mom or dad; or that ideal son taking on the responsibility to care for a parent. However you describe your unit, you’re a family of 2! This cart has pre-selected items that you will both need every month to keep you and the house in order. It includes your most essential bathroom care such as shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, soap, shaver, deodorant; household, laundry and car cleaning agents such as dishwashing liquid, detergent, fabric conditioner, trash bag, insect and anti-bacterial sprays, car freshener, air freshener among others.
Bathroom Essentials and Personal Care Price Qty
AXE Body Spray Gold Temptation 150ML ₱ 208.95 1
CLEAR Men Anti Dandruff Shampoo Cool Sport Menthol 170ML ₱ 132.80 1
CLOSE UP Anti-Bacterial Toothpaste Natural Smile 100G ₱ 76.00 1
COLGATE Total Mint Dental Floss 50m ₱ 114.00 1
DOVE Bar Pink 135G ₱ 61.50 1
SAFEGUARD Body Wash White 400ml ₱ 179.00 1
SUNSILK Shampoo Expert-Perfect Straight 180ML ₱ 97.00 1
VASELINE Healthy White Lotion Fresh & Fair 200ML ₱ 209.00 1
VICKS Inhaler 0.5ml ₱ 85.00 1
WHISPER LUNA Skin Love Day/Night Ultra Slim 16s ₱ 118.00 1
Facial Care Price Qty
ESKINOL Deep Cleanser Pimple Fighting 135ML ₱ 59.50 2
POND'S Men Facial Wash Energy Charge 50G ₱ 112.00 1
Home & Hygiene Price Qty
AMBI-PUR AIR FRESH SPRAY Lavender Vanilla and Comfort 275g ₱ 249.00 1
AMBI-PUR CAR Sky Breeze Vent Clip 2ml ₱ 159.00 1
Kitchen Price Qty
JOY LIQUID Lemon 790ml ₱ 169.00 1
Laundry Price Qty
ARIEL POWDERS Sunrise Fresh 1.41kg ₱ 212.50 1
DOWNY BASE Kontra Kulob 800ml Bottle ₱ 197.00 1
DOWNY BASE Sunrise Fresh 1.8L Bottle ₱ 296.00 1


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