You haven’t found the love of your life or not ready to settle down just yet or cooling off to focus on YOU. Well, to the single guys, we got you! This package will remove the pressure of finding someone who will take care of you. It includes your bathroom essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, soap, shaving cream, shaver, deodorant; household, laundry and car cleaning agents such as dishwashing liquid, detergent, fabric conditioner, trash bag, insect and anti-bacterial sprays, car freshener, among others.
Bathroom Essentials and Personal Care Price Qty
GILLETTE DISPOSABLES Blue 2 Blue 2 Plus 16s ₱ 336.00 1
GILLETTE PRE/POST SHAVE Fuzion Cooling Shave Gel 195g ₱ 399.00 1
GILLETTE SYSTEMS Mach 3 Razor 1's ₱ 299.00 1
PANTENE CONDITIONER Detox and Purify 530ml ₱ 440.00 3
SAFEGUARD BAR Pure White 175g ₱ 56.50 1
SAFEGUARD Body Wash White 400ml ₱ 179.00 1
VICKS VR 50g ₱ 169.00 1
Home & Hygiene Price Qty
AMBI-PUR CAR Sky Breeze Vent Clip 2ml ₱ 159.00 1
SAFEGUARD Liquid Hand Soap Lemon 450ml ₱ 155.00 1
Kitchen Price Qty
JOY LIQUID Lemon 790ml ₱ 169.00 1
Laundry Price Qty
ARIEL POWDERS Sunrise Fresh 1.41kg ₱ 212.50 1


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