Frequently Asked Questions

Who can avail of products from GOCERY?

Anyone who decides to forego physical grocery shopping due to the effects of the pandemic and as advised by the government.

The site offers packages with pre-selected products for singles, couples, family with three to seven members; expatriates living in the Philippines, Senior Citizens, and purchasing officers of businesses who do grocery shopping for their companies.

As long as you can access our website, open an account with the platform and pay online, you can avail the products from GOCERY.

How soon will I receive my package?

GOCERY is a subscription based platform which means we will deliver your package or cart to your homes based on our delivery cycles. Studies show that you don’t normally change the brands and products that you use for personal care, laundry, cleaning and other items that you need at home. So why waste time going to the physical store?! We’ve added more delivery cycles to make it easier and faster for you to get you to get your package.

1 1st to 5th Day of the Month 8th Day (i.e. May 8, June 8)
2 6th to 10th Day of the Month 13th Day
3 11th to 15th Day of the Month 18th Day
4 16th to 20th Day of the Month 23rd Day
5 21th to 25th Day of the Month 28th Day
6 26th to 30th/31st Day of the Month 3rd day of the next Month

Delivery dates are subject to change due to change due to the availability of the product and order cycle. In the event of a delay, the customer will be informed of the changes.

Can I change my items on the cart / package?

If you want to change items (products, variants or brands) and of the number of items (quantity) in your cart, you may simply click on the button that shows product options or similar products on the cart that you have chosen.

If you wish to entirely change items on your cart based on your lifestyle, you can opt to use the CUSTOM my package option. You are free to fill up your own cart.

How will I pay?

We have 3 options for your to choose from:

  1. Paypal — Paypal is an online payment gateway that allows you to pay online using your credit card and debit card. PayPal charges 3.5% per transaction but this fee is already imputed in your monthly subscription fee (which is the platform’s admin and operational fees).
  2. Union Bank — With its easy to use App and web portal, paying via Union Bank makes your life easy. Use Union Bank’s fund transfer facility to directly transfer payment to GOCERY’s Union Bank Account

    Union Bank Account
    Account Name: GOCERY STORE
    Account Number: 002520009099

    In the Message Section, indicate “PAYMENT to GOCERY by [STATE YOUR NAME]”
    In the Purpose Section, choose “PAYMENT”
  3. GCASH - Through the GCash App, you can turn your mobile phone into a virtual wallet to pay for items and send money at the speed of a text message. Upon checking out at GOCERY, kindly follow the instructions below to complete your transaction:
    1. Log-in to GCASH on your Mobile Phone
    2. Tap Pay QR
    3. Tap Scan QR Code and align your phone to GOCERY's Merchant QR Code.
    4. Enter the amount that you need to pay.
    5. Review the details and tap Pay Amount to confirm your transaction.
    6. You will receive your transaction's confirmation via the app and via text message.
    7. Enter the Reference Number of your GCash payment on the input field and click Confirm Payment.

Does the platform keep my credit card details?

No. The platform does not store your credit card details.

Which parts of the country can GOCERY deliver to?

For now, the platform makes its items available to residents in the Greater Metro Manila, NCR, Luzon, Philippines.

Can I get an Official Receipt?

You will get a payment reference number to be followed by an official receipt to be sent to your email after your payment has been verified from our end.

Can I cancel my order?


Orders made within 5 days from date of your transaction can be cancelled.

Order made within 6 days or more from date of your transaction cannot be cancelled and is considered sold.