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Christmas Bundles
We have curated the perfect Christmas Package for your Employees! We know that the holidays keep you busy, so at GOCERY, you don't have to create a to-buy list. All you have to do is select your package of choice, check out, and let the goods come to you. Whether it's for your co-workers, family, friends, or yourself, our CLASSIC and PREMIUM Christmas Bundles are guaranteed to make you rock around the Christmas tree!
Custom Package
We get it, you’re completely OC when it comes to your shopping and so we give you perfect liberty to choose the items to add to your cart. Remember to include all products that you’ll need on a monthly basis so that we can serve our purpose of removing from you the repetitive and routinely task of grocery shopping, save your money from gas, save your time, energy and other risks while waiting in line. You can choose from a list of various essential categories under bathroom, household, car, laundry, among others.

What is GOCERY?

An online platform that delivers your basic grocery items
to your doorstep on a monthly basis.

GOCERY removes from you the routinely repetitive tasks of
grocery shopping and allows you to focus your time on what really matters.